contact wild
screen printing ink on cotton
60" x 30"
assignment one  a tapa inspired painting
the one that lead to all the rest
oil on canvas
48" x 73"
definitely not angels
oil on canvas board
53" x 37"
oil on canvas
31" x 39"


Born 1963, in a small rural place somewhere in the north of New Zealand.

Years later left a different small rural place to seek fame and fortune ; the wonderful world of television in the big city of Auckland. After 2 years of training and having a go at most of the jobs that go on behind the camera ( everything from painting sets to sound recording), ventured on to other proverbial pastures...

The next installment was the answer to the question: "Where to eat lunch?" ; Auckland University. Completed a degree, Maths was easy to pass, so that did it. After three years studying, the urge to change hemispheres struck. London, Paris, New York. Well, London and half a dozen countries nearby. New York, that happened much later. My pastime was designing and selling really loud shorts to skateboarders to finance chunks of these adventures.

Did the real job thing for a bit - a spot of Quality Assurance for a large NZ manufacturing company.

Time struck to start the dreams happening. Went and played with colour for a year. During a fabric design course, fell for painting on big canvas and lengths of fabric. The dream was to paint "one off big things."

Ventured to Sydney to sample the delights and play and paint.

Forayed through market research, telephone customer service and then popped in to a web development company for three days filing - stayed to learn the industry for many fortunate years.

Continued to paint and play with colour. Took a deep breath and went and asked if I could exhibit. The answer was Yes. The first exhibition in Australia was to be.

After the first nerve racking one, a few group and solo exhibitions were had through which many paintings are now hung around homes and corporate environments worldwide...

1995          Pacific Images - Auckland
1998          Soho Galleries - "Tapa" - Sydney
1998          4A Galleries - Members exhibition - Sydney
1999          Roobar - "Get Laid" - Sydney
1999          4A Galleries - Members exhibition - Sydney
2000          4A Galleries - Members exhibition - Sydney
2001          Little Creatures - Fremantle, WA

red frangipani
oil on canvas
92cm x 51cm
it was the mask
oil on canvas
61cm x 76cm
more frangipani
oil on canvas
137cm x 101cm
where did they all come from  where pacific imagery meets text
oil on canvas
145cm x 95cm
desert  what came out after a trip out to uluru
oil on canvas
147cm x 82cm
desicrated coconut  the first of the peaceful paintings
oil on canvas
155cm x 90cm